Hello! was completely busy preparing all the pre-departure preparation for my first experience to study in United States, yap! and on that day, I've spent a lot of transit and flying stuffs to get there. Here I'm reporting my experience in Tokyo for 7 hours with another fellas from Indonesia.  Yes, another talented, passionate, curious, and awesome student leader.











Accidentally met famous Indonesian reporter at grocery market, Meutia Hafidz. gee! she's adorable, in love with the way she did. She was very concern and willing to listen, I wish I could be as humble as you do even have the guts like you did in Gaza Mrs.Meutia, you R4Ck!









alright, I'll see you in another Philadelphia''s view for the next post, i miss rice, missing my Marlene's stuffs and my bathroom in Indonesia cause there are sorta differences between here and there, I'm still trying to getting use  to it anyway. hope there wouldn't be any of culture shock.