Light blue sky signed that today was a perfect day to begin our day in NYC. But, since there are many pictures and i couldn't decide which one should be in this post -.- i'll describe briefly about some of the places that we had visited during our stay.

We visited 9/11 memorial (place where 9/11 tragedy was happened), then we went to 9/11 Tribute Centre near the memorial, and we spent the evening by visiting "Masjid Al-Hikmah" and meet the amazing and inspiring Imam from Indonesia, Ustdz. Shamsi Ali and also having a dialogue about religious pluralism. Plus we ended the night by having a "Dialogue in The Dark". This place provide you kind of simulation and will make you experiencing how does it feel to be a blind person. You'll get a stick to help you walk in a total darkness and a blind man will guide you until you finish the simulation. One word, this place would make you feel..... Grateful :')

and of course TIME SQUARE, PEOPLE!

On the Next day, we visited several important places in NY, such as United Nations, Museum of Tolerance, and the well-known Empire State Building! we had a discussion in Human Right Watch which is really interesting. Ahh... i love this place, like seriously :')!