New York Im in ♡

Had so much fun and amazing experience during our stay in New York. One of the best experience was in the state cruise heading to visit the well-known "Statue of Liberty".

This is what i adore from this country, the view of skyscrapers, high building, birds (seagle) everywhere yet clean air and green area. what a wonderful life :")
and also you can see the view of Manhattan city directly from 'here', it's like you almost can touch them.. 

with the best youngster ever and Fady!

So, welcome to New York! people called it the Big Apple or Salad Bowl since it describes the cultural pluralism analogy and as you all know New York City is remarkably diverse. We're spending about three days to explore some of the best and memorable places in this city (which is not enough actually) but i will share some in my next post. Love!