It's been a fascinating yet wonderful 5 weeks experiencing the united states. i can feel all the ambience, atmosphere and the wheather even until today after a week i've had touched Jakarta.

All I can say, I feel  very lucky to had this rare opportunity like studying about religious pluralism and American democracy, which perhaps for certain community it’s not a common subject to learned somehow. I gain a lot of new friends both Indonesian and American yet also extraordinary experiences. I feel the luxury of studying abroad where I have the chance to express my thoughts, creativity, and explore more about anything that I want to know more. I could do anything I can’t do in my country or even I couldn’t learn here, in Indonesia. Such as visiting many places of worship like Church, Synagogue, Quaker House Meeting, Hindu Temple, Buddhist Meditation Centre, even I got the chance to know less or more about religions that I just knew when I was in US such as Quaker and Bahay.

Having the opportunity to visit those places bring me into a point, which I could learn that if we could have those kind of willingness to learn about other, or even just try to open our mind to receive the diversity and have a better understanding about other, this could lead us to a better understanding among the society in the future. When I visited those places of worship, I feel like I got the priceless experience because I never get any chances like that before. I can enter a church or synagogue easily and also participated on their services and the people were warmly greet and accept us and kindly yet humbly answer any of our question. Since it was a rare experience in our life.  I wish more of youngster in this world not only In Indonesia could experiencing the same way like we did. Beside, it’s important to know what other religion was all about, it’s really meaningful to share our common ground and similarities, like our future goal of world peace no matter what’s your religion, this big issue should be our major concern.
I also feel, like it was an amazing journey with all the staffs and friends. They’re so kind, nice and friendly to us, they make us feel like we’re in home not in the other part of the world. They also make the lecturer system really fun even though those material about pluralism and American democracy weren’t  that easy but somehow they combine both formal and informal lecturer like assignments, presentations, regular class discussion, or even like study trip.
These are only few out of many valuable lessons during my experience during the Study of the United States Institute programs. I believe that as a future leader we should always develop ideas of making positive social change and start value everything wisely.

Ps: i'll upload several photos after this post, do wait! :*