The Amish-Mennonite

Last time in  Lancaster was amazing, beautiful yet bright sun, nice people and surprisingly i saw a buggy :)

So, do you ever heard about Amish or Menonnites? many people asking about Mennonites are actually thinking of the Amish or Old Order Mennonites. Mennonites and Amish come from a Protestant tradition known as Anabaptism or meaning to be baptized again. Mennonite and Amish groups all stress that they should live out their beliefs in daily life. While the groups agree on basic Christian doctrine, their differences come in interpreting how those practices should be lived out.

Some practices among the Amish include, untrimmed beards and hooks, horse and buggy transportation, horse-drawn implements for farming, plain and distinctive dress patterns or even no electricity in homes. Or maybe in Indonesia it's similar with Badui tribe.

However, most Mennonites today are not outwardly that different from any person you meet in US, and in fact live in countries around the world with a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds. Mennonites believe in simple living, but express that simplicity in a spirit of stewardship and awareness of the needs of others rather than completely separating from society as the Amish continue to do. Those girls in this picture were Mennonnites :)

They're all look so pretty and well, even the oldest one still look like forever young! She told me the secret on how to look good and stay young. It's about having a good and fresh food yet possitive mind :)

One thing that i learned from this community was, we're all having the right to choose anything we want to do and to be in this life. But, we should never consider that others are not as good as our people. We are all special with our principle, and nature. And since that, i'll try and learn to value people from his/her ability and potential Insha allah :)

Shawl by Kami Idea, Stripes Shawl by Luna Maya for HM, Unbranded Veil Vest, Khaki Dress from Hello Marlene, Shoes from Yuan