I'm falling in love with my activities each day. Seemed pretty tiring but i enjoy myself doing college stuffs, organization and my hobby (passion) in the same time. Or even, my passion as my hobby as organizing something. Yes, I'm pretty much sure that everything would bring you something in the mean time. I often feel tired, in handling something that others should be responsible for. But it shouldn't be a  major problems as long as you enjoy doing your activities. It doesn't mean that you're perfectionist at all, it shows you're thoughtful and precise in doing your job as long as you finished yours.

Anyway, today is April 21st and it's Kartini's Day, a day for women or even Indonesian people would celebrate. For me, Kartini's symbolize that knowledge is power, while information is liberating and education is the premise of progress, in every society, and in every family. As a woman, i believe that being productive and less-dependent is one of the way to prove that  we're exist and we deserved everything equally.
Happy Kartini's day!

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