Have you ever heard about what's so happy doing what you love and what you like? Yapp, I'm afraid to say that sometime doing what you like would easily replace your priority position. By doing what you love/like you'll put your 100% focus and attention to it. I eat what I like :"

All I can say, as a human. I'm  still trying so hard to put my best in every single thing I do. But, best if you can spare your attention in which are priority, responsibility and measuring your self-ability. It's important to clarify the blur side of each things that you do. By focusing, you know what you need, then you'll pay attention more in detail, and find.. yap, success.

Do what you love or like, but it's important to love what you should do.. It would be much easier than forced your self to do everything. Multi-tasking or multi-talented is good. but best if you focus only in one-two things.

PS: Anyway, I'm in love with this Choco-brown Scarf 

Best, and Luck!