Does anyone remember that one of my resolution in this year was running CINTA Indonesia programme with United State Exchange Alumni folks?  If you do so, I just wanna share that yesterday was one of the busiest week I've ever faced.

As an Internship student, choir member and committee of this project I feel like in a million of blessing and fortunate that God still gave me health, power and enough time to complete each of my duty and fulfil every single of my needs.

Alhamdulillah, CINTA Indonesia roadshow "Dialogue in Diversity" has complete the roadshow in 5 cities in Indonesia; Lombok, Malang, Palembang, Manado and Jakarta. Complete doesn't mean final or end. It means we will begin another seed of new action, and new generation for future leader.

I'm glad and overwhelmed with joy and excitement. Met new friends, young leader and of course amazing speaker as they speak about interfaith and tolerance in Indonesia based on their religion point of view. This is once in a life time! Thanks to #SUSIAlumni #TeamVolunteer and #CINTAJakartaFolks.

We'll  continue our adventure in spreading the beauty of dialogue and tolerance. Let's spread the peace to the world and live for the sake of others. Pax!

Day-1 (atAmerica)

Ibu Alissa Wahid

Day-2 (Cathedral Church)