Restless Rest

Every night before my head laid on pillow, I always, seriously always keep on questioning my self which way I should take, what certain answer in every reason, why people hurt my feeling and I always ended up by questioning it again and again. Guess that my new sleep cycle though.

Instead of becoming temporary insomnia I prefer to take things a little bit seriously. I stalked (in a positive way) some "icon" in my version. I found they had a good life overall. People with that class always know how to maintain place and space. Until you admitted that you're jealous or too motivated. There's so much you can take by stalking on something, cause only curiosity that will lead you or just envy you. This two parts, has their way to lead you, in becoming more optimistic, positive or vice versa.

Actually this post is not about my story in stalking neither my way to push you in becoming a stalker, but in this post I would say, every time I why-ed in something, and wishing my life to be like "the icon", I found Allah always gave me constant feeling or even restless one. Well, it was mostly ended up became restless.

By becoming restless, I found more power to stay out of the comfort circle, cause when you're out of your circle, you'll found it's lotta more easier to find other shapes. Fulfill your life with something useful like "the icon" does. No matter how people would say or do, they just let the bug be a bug. Since you only have two options. Become a person of solution or came up as person of  problems. xx