Sweet as Candy, Pretty as Flower

Probably spending the whole months with college activities and due dates, those are just too challenging. I came up with the idea to do some fun things. What's not to love from food, photo shoot, choir rehearsal, and a discussion.

Why a discussion? If you think that discussion was bo-wwwring! You know what, you've missed a thing! People share and develop socially thru a discussion. People mostly always think that a discussion should be as heavy as politic that what makes them avoid and let their mind awaaaaay from the word.

For me, a discussion It's just as simple as when we start, what so called as "Basa-Basi" hehe. That ever happened in my life when I knew a person who loves to talk straight to the point. I like it though, but don't you just feel respect when someone talk to you about the other topic or simply asking about you rather than "asking" for a purpose? That exactly different! Furthermore, let say it's always good to talk with a person who pays attention, knowleadgeable and take notice on everything. I know this post wasn't relate with the title at all. But, here I'm with the random mine, hehe. Last, just be that sweet person, cause everybody does love sweetness.

Here we go! the sweetest style of the week! My version, yeay! :)

I'm open to any kind of discussion! Hand shake! xoxo