Assurance of the unsure.

Well, high low! *Hello*
I know it's been too many awkward greeting on my posts. Anyway, finally I managed to update this blog after the amazing week at Vietnam. Proudly brought GOLD DIPLOME and SPECIAL PRIZE as the OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE. Alhamdulillah, couldn't be happier. This is my second times joining the International competition during the college life, being active plus productive is one of my way to saving up my "tomorrow". Who knows, and who cares of what is going to happen at you on the next day. Well, better be prepare and be ready for more challenges.

Not only being well prepared but also, being wise enough to choose your priority. I can assure you, that at this age, we are easy to get lost. But I also can assure you that Allah is 100% around, so just focus on what you're doing and keep on the right track. Believe me, your ambition, passion and determination will lead you to motivation. But, also set the inner peace companion to always remind you to do good and be good.

Nothing is unworth to try unless you don't try! Assure your self. Have a good night!