Drop by to say Hi!

Hi There!

Been sick for two days, I don't even know where to start anyway (lol) haha. Well, I haven't told ya that now I'm currently involving my self in a magazine, yap! It's Hijabella Magazine hehe it's a fashion magazine for muslim teen! *clapping*

It's sufficiently busy, no I mean it's always busy when I kept on thinking of the concept, the whole fashion wardrobe, styling and deadline. But here I'm, a new beginner, I feel a lot of fun, making my self busy is the real fun! :)

Working with fashion people is fun but also tiring at the same time, tiring in terms of separating the idea, your appetency and the emotion. The real matter is the high tension. So, I learn and will always try to offer my best competency, plus the attitude. So, keep in your mind that where ever you are the most important thing to present from you is your attitude and your professional taste. You're not what you wear, but you're what you "deliver".

Happy fasting!