Hello Random

Eid Mubarak!

Hi guys, totally missing and sick for blogging, you know blogging required me to sharpen my ability to have some research, spare and manage time, skills in editing or retouch some photos, write, mixing outfit for post. Well, all in one stop. Anyway thank you blog :')

In this holy days, (it's Eid day 4) I believe that you're all has visited your family and relatives. I also had a good time with my big family in Bandung. I don't know exactly how I feel okay, tho sometimes it's not. Well, mostly unfine.

I'm not saying the family gathering is not fun. It's fun, seriously! Talking, sharing life time experience with your uncle, aunt, cousin, or great-great granny was absolutely enlighten. They always motivated me to be a better girl, inside and out, taking a good care of me by sharing their experience when they were young, reminded me to pray, and do the sunnah, told me how to do the "gag-jokes", and mostly, since we are a big family, the elderly kept asking my major, when I'll graduate, and did I've planned my future job etc.

It's really good, and always feel good to be around them. But, sometimes.. well, just sometimes, you're just in point when you're no longer feel you can pleased them all with your accomplishments. I just don't know where I got the feelings but sometimes I just don't know (again) how to make em' proud. It lies a tiny line between being inspired by and mentally tortured, if you cannot be like them or pleased them either equally experienced enough like them..

Sometimes part of me keep telling go ahead, move on and prove your imaginary words on your head while the rest saying, should I grow up?

Well, thank you again readers.. in this certain point, I just feel I have to relax my self and release the compulsion between my head and heart.

I love you all!

Which one is better? White or green ribbon?