Well, nothing is much more troubled your mind when all the things were jumped in one time and one moment. Like what I have posted previously, I was that worried until I can't finish anything. Lemme clear this so you get what I mean;

1. I hate to say this, but I think one of the best way to relieve my mind is to tell you that I have no idea when I get the "call" to present my thesis tho' I've finished mine, since months ago.

2. I love my job,  and I feel comfortable when I styled people, but when it comes to education. I have no decision which one will be my life path, or career. Indeed I want to continue my master degree in fashion major, but on the other side, well.. should I quit these opportunity as a stylist, working in a fashion magazine and meeting fabolous people in my life?

3. To continue Master degree in fashion means, I've to get a scholarship which are hard, and rare and.. umm expensive. I put my self in a reflection of fashion-preuneur soon to be, well.. nothing is cheap when it comes to fashion I admit it.

4. I've been wasted my time in thinking of too many possibilities, should I start to turn it into an action?