Bloom and Bowie Nutcracker

In a state of mind, that which one?
It's just me, or I've been the only person who at the end being an overthinker. It's probably because of a matter of my time management, or anything else? Not a kind of single fighter mindset, but at this point am feeling being single in doing multitask for everyone is the best answer.

Problems; I can't even decide when my advisor would accept my thesis seminar, or who will handle everyone else travel itenary, orrrrr, who will help me pursue my dream of getting a scholarship with proper IELTS score. *Just in case you understand my probs, lol*

Well, it hurts when every body else is busy with their dream, and you are left. Poorly, you're the on who should sacrifice your dream. *Blah, that's tooooo heavy tho*

I'm so sorry if my post is too heavy and too thoughtful recently, I love fashion blogging, but I put so much concern in being a healthy person by throwing the thoughts out of my mind thru my blog-iary.
Wish me okay, and no more relax! screw single fighter.