Washy's The New Pink!

Current favorite color tone, washed pink! It's sorta similar with light peach, but it's closely almost nude by the way. In love with my outer from SAGGthings. It's super light and the fabric is tenderly cold when it touches my skin. I'm pairing it with mini skirt (again) anyway!, and to complete the bloodless look, peach boots will brighten up a bit.

If you wondering about how I do the volumized headscarf, I'll certainly make the video and post it on my instagram, soon (Insha Allah).

Wish you guys have a nice day for the rest of the week, and please pray for my English test result, since I haven't received any updates until today whoops!

H&M Scarf, Wrangler Top, SAGGthings Outer, Unbranded Skirt & Pants, Forever 21 Boots