Double Trouble - 22

I can feel the sun touched my skin, I feel wind breezed and smoothly waved my veil, this life was truly a blessing. 22 is not only a matter of beautiful number. It pictures how I shall be ready and prepare for a new stage. I'm flattered in overcoming greetings, surprise, and presents. But mostly, I'm emotionally touched by your wishes and descriptions of how I personally am in your google.

For the good and bad times, I have deal ed with. For the sake of growing, I personally believe that you're what you do, and it reflects on how people will summarize yourself. Cause I do lost in my own thoughts, so I need friends to help me escape. How you handle obstacle and storm, how you treat someone equally mannered, and how you keeping your self grateful and low for his mercy. These points are the reason to keep you sane.

I've googled 22, and found this. Don't you think they are cute!

April, 16 Th was my birth date, though I didn't celebrate it but my friends did! We gathered at Restu's final thesis presentation and it's such a combo joy. Restu has finally completed her bachelor degree, and I am awarded as 22 years old. You know what, sometimes the one who understand yourself is your close friend. I'm surely sure that I didn't have a best friend on my contact list. For me, those who've been my friends for 22 years are the best. The best in their own major potential, so we are completing each other. That's what best friend should stands for. Basically, I love to make friends with everyone! *free hug*

Birthday Outfit! ♥

Envy wear Sweater, The Goods Dept Outer, Topshop Tube Skirt, H&M Boots