Feeling Festive

I had a fun monday, due to national holiday in celebrating 'Day of Silence', I managed to have some time to hang out with IR. Anyway, responding to few comments on Instagram about how (moslem) should not do any fashion, then we found it's interesting. Some have said properly, while the rest even directly pointed their middle finger.

I mostly argue with the way of some people debated between Hijab and Fashion. For me, despite all of the language meaning, to covered yourself is an obligation. Fashion is only a method to deliver your self; expression, mood, taste, or even personality. I might not be right, but I know my position. Being modest, is not depending on how long your veil is. But, it's mostly derived from the way you behave, the more you contribute to the society, the social life you maintain, and from all above, how you gain god's value for your akhirat. Then kindly stop grouping one's identity by how colorful their scarves, it lengths, or someone else's make up. Be authentic not sarcastic :)

XX ♥

I love the candid shot! Exactly represent my unconditional smile.

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