I just did.. a mistake, probably the worst thing in my life. I must admit that one of my good character but also bad at the same time is, sometimes I put my self in second place than someone Else's priority. Hope you get it clear ya!

It's been really hard for me to refuse or even say "no way, I can't". I can say, I am 98% a yes woman! It just happened yesterday, when I decided to check my scholarship  application before the due date, which is 7 more days to go. I just realized that I have to fill an application before I receive a reference number from the University and submit it asap. Once I was verified then I will receive the reference number for my application so I can send it through post to England. Guess what, I submitted the application and received an email saying that it takes maximum 7 days to process my reference number. Hell to the No! this time I regret my self, I am speechless, cause I am the one who is responsible for my own fault! Dammit.

It took days for me to realized that I've been wasted my time to pleased others and I forgot that I need to reach my own future. Works, jobs, events, and health were the major problems. I dumb my own health and future. Now, I can only hope miracle will happen for my application, am currently waiting for the email verification, patiently before the due date. Keeping my hands up and pray.

Wish me luck, fortunes :'(

LM Hardware Leopard Hat, Thrifted Top, Forever 21 Pendant, Cindyswardrobe Midi Skirt, Nyla Pants