Love the Im(pink)fection

Hi all! Salam,
It's been a while after the suffering period of unstable mood, I felt like almost dying before medical check up but managed to survive and strike more activities in completing work and event. Yap, it's Sisterhood X Hijabella Day 2014! This outfit post was taken the day before the event, and after the general rehearsal. It's been a wonderful week. Having a chance to met wonderful people, with wonderful mind, and ideas, oh God! what a wonderful life and I'm thankful for that.

Decided to went (almost) all pink, to matched Hijabella's stage and decoration. hehe! I was so sad cause I can't share pictures of the event, cause I got pretty much busy at backstage while handling all wardrobe and models. Believe me, I don't even having a chance to drink water regularly at that day. But, anyway I love my job, so it wasn't a major problem at all.

Talking about job, I remembered that some of you have been asking about how I deal with my job, and what are specifically my job is all about. Well, it's pretty much tiring when you have to deal with heavy luggage's, traffic, and all the responsibility of returning wardrobe after it's being used. But I've found the love of creating a style. Yes, if you love what you do, then everything would seemed "lighter". It's just a complicated job for sure haha, will do share it on another post, hopefully.

Last, I thanked Allah for his blessing. I believe that the one who holds this universe is the same with the one who hold my life. Much love! and stay passionate. xxo

New Look Scarf, Unbranded Top, H&M Skirt, YUAN Pants