Pink and Feelings

Into pink recently. Never been this feminine and "fragile". All of the scholarship application has drained my emotion massively. I am crying while writing this post. I can't believe that I'm going to missed college and its surrounding.

16 out of 22 years of my life, I've been sitting almost every day in front of the white board. Been meeting every day traffic, dealing with home work and assignments, even mastering some of tricks to escape from class. I spared time to read magazine, novel, book, and mostly I spent the day and night for student activities. Well, it feels so right until I've graduated several months ago. Things has changed. I woke up without my uniform, or papers to be print. I didn't read books regularly since I am mostly dealing with pictures and fashion stuff. I managed to stay productive, but then I met professional, not a professor.

These are too complicated for me and I realized that I'm not ready for growing up. Umm, wait, not necessarily about growing, but I guess I just love to do what I used to hate before. I cried for not investing my valuable moment while sitting as a student for doing even more complicated things, till' present when things get even more complex.

I will left this writing up here. Cause I can't even describe my state even further. I wish you all the best folks! I'm here supporting anyone who bear and struggle for education, cause even money can buy formal education, an invesment in knowledge will pays the best interest!


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