A light week

It's been a complete week of hospital and recovery days. For those of readers who have no idea where do I spent my previous friday at, Yes, I was stayed at the hospital due to a serious ill, called Gastroenteritis. It's a condition where some combination of diarrhea, vomiting, andominal pain and cramping happened all at once. Most of the doctor will globally stated as stomach flu or gastric flu.Well, Alhamdulillah. Allah has saved me from the disease, and now all I have to do is taking a lot more care to my habituation and especially lifestyle.

I realized that I've been worry about things too much, I never thought that the cause of my illness wasn't only derived from my poor healthy lifestyle but  also fatigue. Yes, I am both physically and mentally drained recently. I am guessing if there's anything to do with my work, application, love life or something else but somehow I realize that I am always keeping my mind occupied with thoughts. Too many thoughts and mostly, I am worried.

I told this to my mom today and hope I could find a way out. I told her that I was scared. I am scared of being left alone like sleeping in the hospital. So, you guys won't believe if I told you that I've been spending 4 nights at the hospital in fever without her, thank God I've some friends who accompanied the nights. Then, I was afraid of failing even before I try, and I was being over thinking about everything that might happen at future. These are happened a lot and you can generally summarize it thru my caption and post.

 Telling her this morning that I am freaking out and she told me this;

"Never precede the ordinance of his will, trust his plan. Because the best possible thing one can feel is when we have the opportunity to attempt our best, without forecasting what will happen at future".

Deep? isn't it? well, it's actually a regular conversation. I always have the light one with tea and pancake. But today, I only have her in front of me, not even with sugar accompany. I can't believe that a full week of stomach suffering was caused by a simple act of being over-thinking. 

Dear friends, readers, and dreamcatcthers, I will stop this writing until here cause I won't make any further of conclusion. I will let my life go with the flow, I might add some "moves", but only a light one. from now on, I'll try to trust his plan :')

T ♥