Flower of The Sun

Feeling summer? Well, I'd better call it sunny day, cause it's always been dry with frequent rain drops in this town recently. Hope the water which fall and the blistering heat won't stop you from glowing! Thank god we have our photo shoot completed for the next issue, so I have no styling home work but articles and it means I have more time for Blog-e. 

Deep down inside my heart, I'm really sure that pleasure and evoking sadness are the test that we must to pass thou we may succeed or fail. There are certain times when I feel highly up, and downwardly low. Sadly, you never know when its going to happen. Here are the steps (which works for me) to keep off the mood swing.

1. Wake up early
I'm not a kind of person who sleep regularly but I always set the alarm at 4 AM in case I haven't pray or I want to have extra "life-consultation" with the one who perfectly manages my affairs.

2. Hate Prevention
A very basis of human motivation could be internal or external. For me, I'd rather prevent my self from hatred, provocation, or jealousy. Instead of always being connected to a phone. Being connected all the time means we're subject to interruptions and constantly stressed about incoming information. Path, Instagram, Twitter and other media access were the primary distraction and reason of getting mood swing. Accept it, we are all unconsciously derived to hate or love something by someone Else's subjectivity. So, mingle yet surround yourself with positive vibes.

3. Punctual
Well, I'm still working super hard and seriously with the time management. If you are punctual, it shows that you're completely ready, and well prepared. You will be able to maintain your mood at a very best level. No need to rushing-off to work or reasoning cause you are one step closer of a pro!.

Life moves at such a fast pace that seems to pass us by before we can really enjoy it. Slow. Down. Never allow stress or anxiety to enter your life plate. Enjoy your mornings, and allow only positive intention. Then your heart will glow! Hope it works, have a nice day diamonds :)

T ♥

H&M Round Hat, Forever21 Summer Dress, Unbranded Outer, Forever 21 Boots