Sheer Leaf

Hello diamonds! Been studying for some accent through you tube for weeks and found RP or Received Pronunciation is the toughest. So, I skip it for a moment and take time to grid pictures and post it.

Anyway move on to the look. I like the way, how my green top looks stand out when it sandwiched with black color. Well, I went boring for the same working outfit so I think I should give my hat a try! and its 100% stunned the way I look.

I'm into cute earrings recently and got my self pairs from claire's and topshop which I'm about to show you next time, Inshaa Allah. I think the best part of working in a teen magazine is cause you can stay and be yourself yet surround your self with (forever) younger relatives. When many of my former friends talking about office suit or make up for work, I went all innocent!, HAPP-Y.

H&M Hat, Unbranded Top, Topshop Earing, Tynara Sheer Skirt, Nyla Pants, 21 Boots