Eid Updates

Hi all! Eid Mubarak. Hope you all doing uber fine and have spent the best days in your life with your loved ones. I'm quite occupied with Eid preparation and super-short family-visit recently. But, Inshaa Allah I'm back and will be in touch with you. I still can't believe that fasting, night prayer, fast-breaking, and suhoor were over. It's just too.. soon, Ramadhan. Day three and haven't move on, but Inshaa Allah, the 30 days process within Ramadhan previously will attached good deeds and followed by good behavior for the rest of the months. Ameen.

Anyway, I would like to share updates through this post; The Make-up, Outfit, and The Family!

First, one of the weapon to look glow and radiant during Eid. Make-up! I finally fall into a right product which bring delight and sweet feeling. It's 3CE Cream Blusher from Luxola Indonesia. As one of the best beauty market in Asia, Luxola Indonesia has surprised me with this item. It adds an instant radiant and glowing cheeks with a natural result. Actually, I am a fan of blushers and I think blushers are really important since they add a luminous glow in your face. Moreover, the texture is different from a powder blush and has a natural blend at your cheek. So, make sure you own this item for a healthy and glowing look.

Second, is the outfit. Many of you have been asking about style reference for Eid, but too bad I can't make this post even sooner. But, hope this one heal :)
I decided to went all that sweet! yet simple. The power of effortless is really works and I've got everything covered.

Last but not least, the family. Yes, this is the most essential reason of looking glow and feeling joy. This is what makes the day! A recap, and you can spot many stories behind.

Eid Mubarak! xxx  TATA