Whitney White

After several weeks without blog updates, I realize that today is the right time for a brief update. Been occupied with to-do-check, yep! mostly deadlines of photo shoot, courses, and surprisingly surprise of upcoming project. Went a little bit calm and cool in white domination tone few days ago and accidentally matched Sammy's outfit.

I am always happy wherever my friends are around. They accepted me for who I really am and I am sure that friendship is something that grow love, loyalty, and understanding. Been really moody and sorta depressed lately. My hiatus has significantly changed and I think I did a waste at most of it. Well, probably not something you should hear, but I hope you understand that every one's life is not perfect. It's always been ups and downs, low and high, and I am now understand that it's regularly normal. I expect things in return and it's okay, but the more I value the result, the more I understand that life is not a gift. It's given only for you who bravery block the hatred and fear, yet humbly open for any challenge and obstacles. Then you shall be happy and proud of your life.

Remember, that you are the one who serve and deserve the life outcome. Positivity will guide you to a life grant. Expect less, value more.

Have a nice day, birdies! xx