Noir et blanc

Allo! I miss you all so much. Well, I've spent the best weeks in my life. Not only in terms of productivity, but also in another word I have found thousand things to be grateful about. While time is ticking, I found my self in a miss with blogging, so that's why I am finally ended up here. Hurray!

How's your life daisies? I hope you all doing good and moreover always under his blessing. I have several update to share. Yes, it's basically a bit about the work, study, life, and love.

Let's begin with the work. Beside my love for fashion, I am also in love with travelling. I always stressed my self to travel each year no matter what. Through job, competition, but never put leisure on the list. Fashion and travelling are something that you can not separate. It's there because fashion is what brings you comfort while you travel. Moreover, for me fashion is something that principally will show who you are; culture, personality, manner, religion, and taste. So, basically you deliver a message while you travel through your fashion sense and Insha Allah, I have some upcoming project (which I can't share with you yet) where I could mix both of my likes. So... Happy!

About study. Yes, things that always mess the mind, and steal my happiness. I always ended up worry while people were talking about this. I have no idea and how I should clearly describe about what's going on with my master application. Well, it's just quite complicated but enough said, I declined the offer. I was so mad with life at that time, but again.. time heal and relaxed me a bit. I believe that Allah then will put me back on the right track so I shall not fear.

Life! Wohoo, the roller coaster has been at the peak. Been occupied with several things so it's always been at the highest level of excitement and it couldn't be more challenging than this. I am so ready. Try me!

People that I love are they who are mean the most for me. Family and Friends. They are all, Alhamdulillah still as amazing as they used to. I am blessed for having you guys all around. Tres Bon!

Hope you all will spend and have a great time. Allah blesses you! xx

With on of my kool friend, Sammy!