Little Colour After Rain

It's another rainy and cloudy day. Managed to have spare time for lunch and took photos in front of the striking wall colour after rain. Tho' it takes some time to have finally reached the place but I cherished every single time I spent with him, yap! someone I called "competitor" :). 

The one who has been involved in every ups and my downs these past months. We started this when we were in high school and fortunately it's not over until one day he is coming again into my life. He makes and erases the smile even he creates colour into my life yet, I don't really know why and how to describe my exact feeling at present. I always like being independent and self-centered, but it has been more about sharing nowadays. His presence somehow heals my anxiety and fear of what could possibly happen. He is the one who swings my decision from all about me to all about us.

I guess we are all tend to have our own space, even our freedom to decide what we really wanted in life. But until finally, one day you gotta share something privately to someone who care and you care about, that's the moment when you realize, that the world is... shared. You might think it is quite strange to called him that way but that's the way it is. He always made me in the mood to dream big and expect less. To always putting smile in every sweat, to always being positive even under every negative circumstances and one of the reason of why I always was being set and ready to any of challenge. Maybe that's why I called him competitor, He made me fall for his love and fall for challenge. I am myself will always admire his persistence of keeping the focus on what's really matter. Moreover, I always want to winning the battle by my self indeed. But when he is here, life is finally get better. Well, it's complicated. Even we are committed to keep this for our self, I cant handle to not to share what I mostly feel even before it's exploded. I can tell you that he is coming on the right time, right after the rain and putting more colours before another rain. He is exactly the little colour after the rain.

Dearest Allah, I would humbly ask for your blessing. Thank you for sending me a fire in my cold, a light in my dark, and a smile on my cry. Someone who will always reminding me of you, and as a reason to finally execute every of our.. dreams. Insha Allah. Even miles away from me, you are precisely inches into my heart. 

Friends, life might drives you crazy but you are surely have to find your very own key of ways to your soul. Relax and don't worry, life is good :).

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