Playing Couple

On our last day before we switching the distance mode on, we play common couple dating at IKEA. One of our favourite place to go after museum or art shows. It's really hard to finally realize that we will be separate again. After several weeks of not-so light mode actually, the due is finally here. I'll be joining YSEALI  (Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative)  in Philippine and have my flight tonight yet on the next day, he also will be leaving Jakarta for months.

I can't believe that last month, I just had to picked him at the airport upon his arrival and now we have to go to the airport, but for my departure. Realizing that this might get harder for us, we keep on believing that something wonderful is about to happen. We surely won't be able to seeing each other like what we've used to, we did it really well on the last 7 months tho' we've agreed that, we are not in a relationship or even dating, but more into commitment which sometimes makes it harder to describe but easier to do.

Dearest Competitor, I am so glad that we've finally made it until today! I am believing that tho' it's kinda shaky but these all absurd and random things are dreams I'd always love to do. Thank you for being real and make me real. See you really soon, my September! xx