Spending weekend by pampering my self with some earthly mist; sun, wind, and dusty tone. I was so excited for weekend! like almost every part of it. Family, friends, cats, hang out, which some how bring you to a lighter mode.

Apparently, last weekend was quite chill. Actually I was planing to reward my self after surviving from a very bad mood swing. I thought music concert would be a nice way to boost my happy mood but unfortunately, I didn't managed to attend Java Jazz Festival  this year tho' I already had free pass for two days in my hand. It doesn't bring me down that much since I have passed France  examination week with a very good completion. Alhamdulillah ! So, last weekend was super relaxed. I spent quality time with Babe, family, and cats since the work hard has paid off. Even last night, Babe and I were finally marked a tick on our to-do-list hehe.

Well, I found that the actual genuine happiness is not necessarily because of creating a festive for your own sake. But, simply when I found my inner circle was happy, when I am happy :)!

Enjoying my day with a pair of comfy and classy shoes from Goeie. A day well-spent and well-dressed are completed with a good pair of shoes. Much thanks, GoeieI can't wait for another collaboration with you! xx