(Giveaway Winner)

I would like to send my utmost grateful and sincere thank to each one of you who has participated on the previous giveaway since it's been super motivating to read your review about Benefit cosmetics and I. Just so you (my blog reader) know that it's been wonderful years to share and post anything while noticing that some of you have spare time to read my writings, send me an endless support, and an unwavering love. Your presence, positive feed back, and views are really matter to the growing of my baby blog. So, let's celebrate this together!

Felicitation to the winners of Benefit Cosmetic X Thataljundiah giveaway! (@zetyanoviana, @zuzugoo, @myrissa12, @ameliayyi, @ritakdaa, @safiranys, @inedewi, @astrid.mk, @markutitut, @nrlbadriyah)

I want to give a huge hug to all of you and everyone who has participated on this giveaway! Appreciate every repost and your abundant patience until the announcement. Congrats to 10 of you and kindly send me an email of your address to hello.thataljundiah@gmail.com. Lastly, happy weekend babes! xo