I was in the middle of traffic hour that I decided to come 3 hours earlier before my French class begin. If you guess that I got so many time to waste? then you are right! I was sitting right in the centre of Institut Français d'Indonésie's lobby, so I can watch people change back and forth. Watching this kind of mono-chaotic situation where at afternoon, classes are mostly only filled with students, mommies who waiting outside, and some group of college students which puts me in a need to write this post, about a "but".

As a non-student-already and a non-employer-already, you might wonder what am I doing today after resigning my self from the office life. If you think being a freelancer make you able to manage time easier, then I found it quite distinct. I got a very frequent mood swing because some of the offered jobs were time consuming or too flexible. As I explore the work field which in reverse of my study field, I get to experience and understand things that sometimes you instantly just get pulled into it, enjoying it thoroughly, even sometimes you also begin to feel alienated and gravitating to another field.

Well, whether you have just graduated or finished writing your final exam and waiting for results, surely, it’s time to wonder out loud – what to do after graduation? Two options that pop in mind are either to get a job or enroll in a post graduate course right? Dude, take heart cause you aren't alone.

I know our mind is occupied with expectations and limits. I know that we live in a demanding situation that age is not just a matter of small number anymore. Well, I know we all want to be happy and we expect to make our family even happier. But, remember that we only need to do this at the very first time. Yeaaa, to start small. Yes, small.

So my dearest dream catcher, no matter how big you imagine things to be happen. Don't keep your self stuck in an ideal life. Imagine that you live in a jungle today  where all you gotta do is to survive. Keep calm, and good luck!