I can't even believe that today I'm sooo into social media. This digital life has changed my life even further. As a user, I used social media to share some interests I value and didn't expecting that, this might change my life  as huge as present. I am still hoping that my value somehow is not only pleases other user, but more into what pleases Allah and Alhamdulillah, I can't thank for more dearest Allah. I love you!

For 100K special friends on Instagram! Thank you for being so humbly real and caring to my feeds. To celebrate this, Hijabenka and I would like to throw a giveaway with prize of IDR 100 K shopping voucher at Hijabenka for only 4 (four) of @thataljundiah's fellow only. Exciting rite? So, here are the easy steps!

1. Follow @hijabenka on Instagram
2. Submit/upload your "Colourful and Fun" OOTD and tag @thataljundiah & @hijabenka
3. Insert a hashtag #OOTDTHATAXHB

The competition runs from May, 5th-7th only and we will announce the winner on May, 8th. So, be ready to upload your most colourful and fun outfit thru Instagram to win the free voucher! Once again, thank you for an amazing Instagram journey, hoping that I'am able to share more positivity in the air. G'luck, loves! ☺️💕