Thata al Jundiah for Goeie (Exclusive Collection)

Ever wanted to take a walk in my shoes? Surprise your self with these four lust-worthy of pastel-casual based shoes from my collaboration with Goeie. Team up with Goeie, we crafting a collection of a bedazzled wearable yet twist-minimalist footwear to accompany your everyday to-go.

Shoes as the best accessory for any wardrobe is thaaaat essential rite? As for me, I prefer to walk in a comfortable rather than a pretty but sicken shoes. While they are a good indicator of your sense of style and deliver an important fashion statement, shoes can also bring a measure of discomfort and pain. Depending on the situation, you can choose to ignore this pain and settle for a more favourable appearance. A part of wearing fashionable shoes includes experiencing tired and sore feet.

One of my personal impression about Goeie is that they committed to provide good shoes and shoe health which is prominence for all of us. Plus, our collaboration is coming in four eye-candy pieces which are urbanly stylish, effortlessly edgy, and playfully painless. Enjoy your favourite piece of Blaire, Hazel, Ginger, and Pepper coming from June until August, 2015 only. 



Read and watch our exclusive interview by clicking this link and don't forget to pamper your self with these limited babes right away! much love. xxo