Velvet & Grid

Hi all! Glad that I'm back with an outfit post. Well, is there anything more classic than a little black dress? For now, I am experimenting with a velvet cape I just received from NusaibahbyNJ and made the look I own by reviving an evening velvet cape to a twisted-preppy approach by pairing it with a scottish mini skirt and coordinating patched pants underneath. As you all guess, that I made to be a very casual style minded lately. 

As for me, everything should be fine for a daily excursion and an easy day time ensemble. For this outfit, I prefer to wear it for an indoor activity as a cape and also as an outerwear. Loving it's multiple function and material anyhow :)!

As you all guess, capes are undoubtedly easier to pull off with pants while you still can pick to look for class, cocktails, or daily! The key is just to keep it simple or just coordinate similar hue for the whole look and get it all organized. As for me, you just can't never go wrong with yourself and a twist. I would rather not-to ignore an extra staple which would likely make you look outstanding with it. Thank you NusaibahbyNJ for this classy and goodie cape. Just love.

Click here for more about them. xoxo