One of my favourite to do on weekend were having  breakfast for three where we mostly did outside the home or simply out for exercise then spending time with friends just so we have some quality talks.

I can't really believe that it's mid-year already, time flies uber soon and I haven't check out 2015 resolution list yet. It's quite nerve-racking since I mostly done things expectedly unplanned. But I'd better be hurry before 2015 is over and before we are all took a break for "spiritual vacation" during Ramadhan where I personally want to focus on worshiping and thanking Allah SWT the most.

I was wearing Shafa Designs beaded - tailed top where you can see the pretty details on the medium picture above. Since it comes in a tailed cut, I paired it with a brown palazzo just so it flows perfectly on the back and keeping up the whole look sophisticatedly casual for a day out.