A Twitch

Wishing you all beautiful and joyful weekend! Indeed, I am so thankful for every favour that has come to my life as simple as a chance to keep my self productive on weekend. Well, it's getting closer to the due month and I'm keeping my self always completely as excited as a kiddo. Whether it's not that easy to defend on your self-endurance while you managed to deal with a loooot (more) modification from what you've had originally planned, I am still savouring every shift passionately (Insha Allah).

I started to love every blithe and weary side of my self throughly and just feeling uber fortunate for having this all complexity perplexed self. It's true, that is not the miss fortune that change you, but the clear mind that would lift you! during tense period, surround yourself with determinate people which would make you always ready for swift or changes.

As for today I plan to mark more tick on my to-do-list, just so I can reforget that I still have some (left). Happy weekend, keep pushing cause sky is the limit! Lurve.