La vie est belle

Assuming that everyone feeling excited and content towards work and life. It has always been interesting when we we choose to mutually follow the heart and the head. Basically, because it's given to complete each one and another.

Ever since I've started to blog in 2009, where I wrote plenteous posts about dream, succeeding, failing, and begin to restart executing another dream, I discover that life has offer me multiple ways where eventually lead me to the most genuine fantasy of a 17th years old girl; Her dream–where she always aspires to live in a way that she might change the world through her small presence. Well, what is life if not for dreaming? 

It has been roughly two years since I started to decide that I'll be continuing my study. To obtain a formal degree in the luxury of studying fashion. Time flew as I also chose to marry my best friend shortly and keeping myself reasonably sane juggling the two. Well, though I found myself troubled by the fear of failing (again), I am sure that nothing is really impossible. 

Was wearing two tone top for the Parisienne mood while letting my self free-wheeling under the grey sky. It's obvious that layering is one of my favourite thing. As we keep things coordinately match in terms of colour, cut, and comfort, you will find your self always chic and preppy at the same time. Keep in mind that, you and your life are naturally beautiful.