A Crescent Magic

Petite love! I couldn't resist anything that comes in a compact and handy item, especially when it comes to traveling size. Introducing you a new kind of fun and easy fragrance by Crescent. An online based perfumery shop which sell 100% authentic perfume decants which provides you hundred of branded fragrance that captivate your mood, even from candy to flirty.

I am myself enjoying the scent-play of Chanel Chance Eau Tendre with Fendi Fan di Blossom which creating result into a scent that illuminates sweetness powdery, musky, and classy smell somehow.

Lastly, I am adoring their genuine packaging idea of making a very compact spray stick and refill tube made of glass where you can have it switch anytime you wish. Definitely a classical principal – less is more but more is classy with a twist!

Check out their pages at @cresentperfume and http://www.buycrescent.com/  ♡