Pastel Vibes

Howdeee! guess ten days staying at home would be way enough for me to supplement some fat and now it's just about a time to release the grease. While I was away, I also managed to sport some ootd before the sunset wearing one of nu Indonesian designer debute collection Ameleya.

It's really amazing to wear an outfit which represents your personality the most. Don't you agree that this piece also reminds you on how I mostly pick pastel colour (again) when it comes to an extraordinary cuts. While there is always something appealing about wearing long pants when you really have no extra need to think since everything will goes effortlessly in style. Well, my favorite goes from side-tail detail all the way to back of the top. Because ribbon is definitely my vibes!

Done here, and sending you hugs, wishing you an absolute joyous year! Will surely made a post about my 2016 resolution later. Ciao! bye guys.