A New Chapter

When most of the people master things before they begin, you think life should flows as it leads where you are up to. With no sign for direction not even escort to guide, you somehow ask the creator asking for a map of direction cause sometimes your boat got stuck or hit hard.

It puzzled us sometime whether things are written or not. Opportunities are available, but either the pitfall. Sometimes we missed guess and it's natural. I ever seek help from the universe and it wasn't answering much. I am confused, I feel empty as my brain starts to grasp for an air supply. 

I thought it's the worst part, but then the moon sings a lullaby for me, telling me to release the quail cause wound heals sometime. In my grieve I was enchanted by the other star. So bright and calming. I breathe and mediate.

I think I am not healed yet. I just understand, better.