Review : Inner Headscarf (She and Che)

It's been a year! a longgg year of hibernation from blogging and even though spring haven't arrived yet, I feel like to drop by and say Hi! 

Sometimes it seems like dressing for cold wheater relegates you to one of these options; stuffed with layers like a bloated snowman, or slimming your outerwear situation down and catch walking pneumonia. I am not one of those people who thrive in a famously unfriendly climate like this, but ever since we moved to England, I can't get stylish.

It is really hard to pull out your appetite in looking effortlessly in style when you are having a newborn, a full-time student and you are moving to a new country in frigid winter! I am now well aware that staying warm is a life-saving necessity.

Done surviving in about 5 months, I can tell you some of the tips on dressing for the winter. I find the base layer; turtleneck, knit sweater, (faux) fur gloves and inner headscarf are the savers for the unbearable cold.

Since I couldn't find inner headscarf in the UK, I asked my sister to sent me some of my inner headscarf collection. sheandche is one of the brands where I ordered most of the wrap - they have a great selection and deal of prices! They have one of the best head-wrap which made of cotton and jersey which make it comfortable to wear during any season (I wore it in Indonesia as well) and it super helpful to warm up my head during this frigid cold where I can have some styling with the headscarf on the outside. The design comes without a zipper on the back which makes it easier and quicker to wear on a daily basis. I love the material of the fabric as its extremely light weight and are always ultra soft – a high quality feel!

For now, I will leave you with pictures since I got a lecture to catch (mehehhe..). Well, anytime I can go out comfortably, I am happy, and making them look stylish instead of frumpy is now easy – work your base layer!

Hope you had a restful weekend! See you in a bit.